What’s at Risk


Houghton Forest is one of the few truly open areas left in this vastly overcrowded county.  The myriad of paths and tracks that lead off in all directions encourage users to literally leave the beaten track and explore.  The dells and clearings bear witness to the regular use all manner of people make of this habitat.

    As one wanders the forest one will occasionally happen across a rope swing left during some past summer with the ground beneath worn by dragging feet.

    Camps of waste wood lean against the occasional tree in boy-scout reverence to an outdoor youth spent in freedom from restriction and fear.

    Some paths rise and fall steeply, up down and down dale but others are relatively flat allowing access for the elderly, the infirm and the less energetic.  At any moment and at any point anyone can leave the path and explore. It’s free, it’s open and it belongs to you.

The Unique Environment